What makes our services so unique is the industry-leading technology we use in the pumping process.

Your Home is connected to a septic system with a septic tank. The septic tank’s only function is to separate liquid from solid.

What makes our services so unique is the industry-leading technology we use in the pumping process.

A Typical septic tank has two chambers- an inlet and an outlet. Solids collect and build up on the inlet side of the tank. The purpose of pumping your septic tank is to regulate the amount of solids “sludge” inside your septic tank.  This prevents the solids from accumulating and entering your leach field, which results in clogging it. Septic tanks need to be pumped every 2 1/2 years – 3 years.

Eco Friendly Septic Pumping “Our Process” instead of hauling your waste away for disposal, we bring the wastewater treatment plant to your house! As you can see by the diagram we save ourselves a step, and save you money.  We process the entire contents of the tank at your house, and the solids stay on our truck.  The clear liquid, which only contains bacteria, is returned to the tank. This is an advantage because not only are you saving money, but the natural bacteria in the tank can restart and protect your tank. Also, by processing the water and returning it to your tank you will not have a residual smell in your house!

“Our Competitors” pump the entire contents of the septic tank and haul it to a wastewater treatment plant for disposal. This strips the bacteria inside the tank, which will take months longer to restart. You may also notice a smell inside your house for a day or two until your tank refills with water. A typical septic tank refills on average within 36 to 48 hours of pumping.

“Our Competitors” waste money and waste time by hauling their waste away. This is why we are typically cheaper than most septic pump companies.

IMG_8898– We reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas contributions to the environment
– Reduce fuel demands by nearly 80%
– Reduce traffic contributions to roadways
– Meet growing demands of population, more jobs per day
– Customers have the option to haul off/ empty tank contents as well (if repairs are needed, etc)
– Hand washing station
– Back up camera